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Club Layout and Updates:
We are in the continual process of building our new HO scale layout for club members. The layout occupies an area of 48 feet by 24 feet. This layout has upper and lower mainlines with a total length of 575 feet of mainline track and a number of interesting industrial areas and interchanges. The layout is modeled on a fictional railroad that runs from Morehead City, NC to Marion, NC. The name of the railroad is the Carolina Midland Railway and depicts rail operations in the in the 1950's and includes New Bern, our home town.
As of August 2012, all major track work has been completed and trains are running. We have completed 95% of the structures for all the towns of our layout. We are adding scenery and are placing trees on the layout and as any of you who have ever had a layout, you know the work is never done.

We have had a number of operating sessions and the layout is working quite well.

Some pictures of the layout:

Downtown New Bern

New Bern Fuel Facility

Salvage Yard and Team Track at Husk

Adam's Apples at Selby

Downtown Phelps

Downtown Winslow

The Yard at Midland Yard

Representative NC Map of our Layout
Graphical Drawing of our actual layout
Take a ride on our layout (video by William Culver)

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